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Erased Parents common law assembly:
End Parental alienation worldwide

The targetting and trafficking of children by multi-agency corporation & state collusion has become exponentially transparent since the covid hoax; as the numbers of infant victims soars.

For parents victimised by 'Family' Court personnel and Alienating Abusers across the globe, since the 1970s, by authoritarian design; this latest assault on childhood - in conjunction with Agenda 21: "disolve the family unit" - is no surprise.

Now that the criminal totalitarian regime is hastily retreating under the weight of awareness and disclosure asserted by 'We The People', it is the perfect time to increase the exposure of the exploitation, emotional blackmail, fiscal extortion, torture and (with respect to suicide casualties) mass-murder of this courtroom-based crime Aginst humanity.

As a united Multi-national force of parents and relatives we will endevour to end this hellish abuse of children and families and confine it to the history books as one of Humanity's most shadowy eras...

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